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Darlene Silvernail

Delta Business Traveler: 10 years
Delta Lounge! Delta always makes sure I have a warm breakfast and a healthy lunch or dinner in between my heavy travel schedule. Thank you so much!

Peter Gross >

Delta Business Traveler: 10 years
Bring compression socks! For flights longer than 3 hours, it's a must!

Venita Walker >

Delta Business Traveler: 2 years
Use the Delta Sky Club. I enjoy the privacy and comfort of the lounge. I could relax with a glass of wine pre-flight, as well as add final touches to a report or project prior to reaching my destination.

Kevin Lao >

Delta Business Traveler: 5 years
Get a 20-30 minute exercise before heading out to the airport. A travel day requires a ton of sitting in a fixed position, but you feel much better if you get a great workout in before you head out.

Rob Goldberg >

Delta Business Traveler: 26 years
Try not to stress about missing a flight or flight delays. It might give you an unexpected opportunity to explore a different part of the airport or get some exercise with a long walk.

Susan Jackson >

Delta Business Traveler: 10 years
Always bring extra, charged power bricks and connectors.

Jack Duckworth >

Delta Business Traveler: 29 years
Join the Delta Sky Club - great place to relax and catch up on work while traveling. The food/beverage is great but the staff is outstanding! Always there with a smile and willing to help in anyway possible.

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